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A flower waiting for spring

I encountered this elegant, delicate flower-bud during my trip in Istanbul. It was winter back then, and on that day, it was especially freezing and rainy. Thus, it was a pleasure to see a lively flower-bud in the mist of a gloomy, tiring landscape. What I love most about this is that the bud didn’t seem to care much about the difficult weather, or even its own vulnerability. Rather, it endured the freezing weather with resilience, and yearned for spring with such sincerity that I could not help feeling amazed. I don’t know what happens with the flower-bud now – whether it blossoms or dies. I hope it has become a full-blossomed, glamorous flower. But even if it doesn’t, it is still a beautiful flower. That is because it has lived its life with full enthusiasm, and that is the true beauty.

The lesson we learn here is that there is nothing without a price. In order to blossom, it is impossible not to go through hardships. So, I hope my ego understands this, and learns to appreciate misfortunes and difficulties, rather than whining about them.


But anyway, I will post my last whining before I learn to change. Haha.

A letter to Autumn.

Dear Autumn,

Just as this flower is waiting for spring in Istanbul, I am seriously waiting for you (autumn) to arrive in Melbourne. Today I could feel a bit of your presence through the rain. imagine how elated I was!

Please come quickly, before I melt or worse, fall into chronic grumpiness because of the burning summer.

From a Melburnian who cannot stand hot weather anymore.