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Yesterday I went to the Tree Adventure with my high school friends. Tree adventure is basically a park featuring challenging courses in the tree canopy, including swinging, flying  and climbing. If you are a sporty, eco-friendly person, Tree Adventure is definitely for you.

Whilst I love nature and love to be in nature, I’m not a fit person. Hence, Tree Park was not a pleasant experience for me. There are three levels (blue, red, and black) and I could only finish the blue level aka beginner. When I flew myself in the red course, I couldn’t reach the destination tree, but got stuck in the middle. It was really embarrassing when a coach must come and pulled me in. But at that time I didn’t care about that, but all I wanted was to get to the ground. It was not fun when you are like 100 meters from the ground, stuck in a robe, dehydrated, dizzy and exhausted. Until now I still suffer from all the bruise and muscle hurt of yesterday.

So, whilst my friends continued their adventure, I came back to the car and rested for a while. Then I decided to wander and explore the forest with my camera. It was a beautiful place, with the green color stretching endlessly and the sound of birds singing continuously. In some small houses nearby, I could see many flowers fervently blossoming, like young girls enjoying their youth to the fullest. Their energy amazed and inspired me greatly, as I am one more time confirmed that God is the Greatest Artist, the Only Being who can create such artworks that are not only aesthetic and delicate but also lively and charming.

Indeed, it’s easy to create a grey emotionless robot, but it’s hard to create a being with all kinds of color and carrying life within it. For me, it’s impossible to accept that the amazing artwork in front of my eye is a result of chance and blind force, because if indeed things are random, then there is no logical reason for things to have such order, harmony and beauty.

Therefore, observing nature is  one of the best ways to confirm and learn about God, especially the Manifestation of His Names as the Sustainer, the Artist, and the Creator. That is  also the reason why God creates the world at the first place – to display His Attributes, to amaze its spectators (us) and to compel us to utter ‘Praise Be to God’ and ‘God is the Greatest’ with sincerity.

I am not the best Muslim out there. But for me, whenever I am in the midst of nature like this, i cannot help praising God and thanking Him for giving me the opportunity to see His amazing arts. At those moments, I realise that praising and worshiping God are no longer the requirement of my religion. For me, they are things that my  soul naturally wants to utter after enjoying all the bounties and gifts in life. They are not compulsory; they are necessary.

We have indeed sent down 

Signs that make things manifest

And God guides whom He wills

To a way that is straight

(The Quran – 24:46)




These photos are taken by M. Nguyen in November, 2013.